This website provides voters in Prince William County with Delegate John Bell’s record while serving in the 87th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. Each entry has been researched and linked to additional references for readers who want to learn more.

The Record

Only 4 of Delegate Bell’s bills passed this year.

John Bell – 11 Points

1. Radically Anti-Second Amendment

Throughout his career in the House of Delegates, John Bell has made a name for himself by consistently introducing and sponsoring bills that are inherently antagonistic to Virginians’ second amendment rights. Since 2016, Bell has worked hard to make it difficult for law-abiding Virginia citizens to receive a concealed carry permit. In 2018 he introduced HB91 which would have eliminated online training options. In the 2019 Special Session he sponsored bills which would ban certain firearms. His stance against the rights of Virginians to own firearms is most obvious in his 5% pro-gun score in 2018 from the Virginia Citizens Defense League. John Bell’s continual resistance to Virginians’ right to own firearms goes against our state and federal constitutions.  

2. Opposed Tax Cuts for Single and Married Filers

This year, John Bell was part of an effort in the House of Delegates to deny the ability of Virginians to write off larger tax deductibles by voting against HB2529. The bill would allow single filing individuals to have their standard deduction increase from $4,500 to $9,000 and would allow married persons filing jointly to have their deductibles increase from $3,000 to $6,000. The tax cuts would have helped young families and immigrants trying to provide for their families. His vote against the bill is another example of a big government politician attempting to take Virginians’hard earned money and use it for discretionary pet projects.

3. Voted Against Religious Freedom

John Bell’s efforts in the Virginia Legislature threaten the rights of all religious organizations and individuals to have the freedom of conscience, speech, and beliefs that they are guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. In 2017, Bell voted against the Religious Freedom bill, which would have provided that no person shall be subject to any penalty, civil liability, or any other action by the Commonwealth of Virginia should they sincerely hold a religious or moral conviction on the definition of marriage. The bill would also not require any individual to participate in any events if they have a religiously held objection to it. The framers of our Constitution made the freedom of religion and speech the 1st Amendment for this exact reason. Belligerent and anti-religious politicians who do not respect our inalienable rights do not deserve a leadership position in our Commonwealth.

4. Sponsors the Green New Deal

In a reckless show of virtue signaling, John Bell decided to sponsor the Virginia Green New Deal bill. This bill is derivative of the utopian vision of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and maintains similarly unrealistic and irresponsible objectives. The bill deliberately leaves many key points vague and indeterminate, such as the direction of “large investments” and building statewide “smart-grids” for the purpose of “environmental justice.” Similarly, the bill makes no mention as to the degree to which the economy and the livelihood of working-class Virginians will be impacted after the rerouting of what could possibly be trillions of taxpayer dollars for these utopian projects. For John Bell to carelessly sponsor a bill in the vein of AOC’s proposal which initially planned to “get rid of farting cows and airplanes” from the face of the planet is irresponsible and unbecoming of a member of the Virginia legislature.

5. Radical on Abortion

Since 2013, John Bell has consistently received a “100% pro-choice” score from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia as well as from Planned Parenthood and their Advocates of Virginia subdivision. He has also voted against bill HB1090, which would have limited the state sponsored funding of abortion services that are not qualified under the Medicaid program. His 100% stance against the rights of unborn children is antithetical to our founding documents, the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights, and human decency. Every child has a right to life – even in the womb – and should be protected by our politicians and laws.

6. Supports Sanctuary Cities in Our Communities

Since being elected to public office, John Bell has refused to keep immigrant communities safe by continually voting against bills which would prohibit the establishment of sanctuary cities in our state. From 2017 to 2019, John Bell had three opportunities to prevent the establishment of a sanctuary city in Virginia and in all three instances he voted against those bills. Starting in 2016, he voted against HB481, which would have ensured cooperation with federal law enforcement officials and prevented incarcerated illegal immigrants who have a lawful detainer order to be released into the public. He would continue to vote against similar bills in 2017 and 2019. In a recent development in nearby Montgomery County, Maryland, after the Governor of the state enacted an executive order to no longer cooperate with any federal immigration agencies it was revealed that at least seven undocumented immigrants were living in the county and had all been arrested on sexual assault charges. One such case involved the repeated rape of an 11-year old girl as well as an incident in an apartment hallway where a victim was nearly choked to death.  Delegate Bell has voted against bills which would prevent situations such as this from occurring in Prince William County. Ironically, harboring undocumented immigrants is victimizing the immigrant communities – the very communities the Democrats believe they are protecting with “sanctuary city” policies.

7. Supported Bills Forcing Virginians to Join Unions

In 2016, John Bell was part of the effort opposing Virginia’s right to work amendment. The amendment guarantees that no resident of Virginia has their right to work denied if they do not join a union or other association. The amendment secured the Constitutional right of Virginia residents to not be compelled to join any association against their own free will and would also prevent a monopoly in any industry. John Bell’s vote against this measure is a radical stance against the dignity of Virginia workers and their right to work. His continued service as a representative in the General Assembly threatens future generations’ right to work.

8. Soft on Crime

In 2018 John Bell sponsored HB1550 and HB17, both of which have increased the threshold for the crime of Grand Larceny from $200 to $500. The bills also increased the threshold for certain property crimes. Unfortunately, HB17 was enacted into law, meaning that Virginia residents are now at greater risk of having certain petty crimes perpetrated against them, particularly in our immigrant communities. When criminals know that they can get away with crimes and face minimal punishment, that will only increase the rate at which they continue committing those crimes. John Bell’s irresponsible vote on these measures has endangered the well-being and security of our communities.

9. Supported Bills That Would Increase Opportunities for Voter Fraud

John Bell has been a ceaseless advocate for numerous voter registration and election day policies which would increase the odds of voter fraud. In 2017, he sponsored legislation which would have repealed the requirement to show a photo ID at the polls on election day. Should this bill have passed, it would have significantly reduced accountability and voter integrity measures to ensure the security of our election process. Moreover, John Bell is wildly out of step with the American public on this issue. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center poll, 76% of Americans agree with requirements to show photo ID when voting in an election. The American people are more knowledgeable on the threat of voter fraud then John Bell.

10. Would Hurt Women by Ratifying the ERA

Throughout his career, John Bell has been consistently trying to impede the progress of women by advocating for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Since the 1970s when the Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced into the U.S. Congress, proponents have claimed that it would help women advance economically and allow for their liberation. The exact opposite is true. The Equal Rights Amendment would severely cut back on any protections and privileges that are granted specifically for the benefit of women in the workplace. It would also limit the ability of women to receive court ordered alimony payments, and serves as an underhanded way to promulgate unlimited abortions as was recently demonstrated in a Pennsylvania court battle. The overall impact of the ERA is the regression of any progress women have made in this country permeated with the deceptive motive for abortion rights.

However, what makes John Bell’s sponsorship of the Equal Rights Amendment totally farcical is the fact that any attempt to ratify the ERA in the United States was nullified in 1982. Which makes Bell’s support for the bill an empty gesture of support for women.

11. Voted to Reduce Educational Transparency

This year, John Bell voted against HB2570, which would have increased educational transparency with regards to the Family Life Education Program (i.e. sex education) in our public schools. The bill would have also given parents and guardians the right to consent to what their children are being exposed to as well as give parents information on what the contents of the Family Life/sex education curriculum will be. Voting against the bill effectively obscures transparency between our communities and what is going on in our schools. For John Bell to deny our communities the right to transparency between taxpayer funded schools and the education of our children is highly irresponsible.